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Saskatchewan Ghostbusters



The call has been made and we have answered!  The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters are here, and we're ready to really bust some heads.... In a spiritual sense, of course!

If you have been following us, you will notice that the website has now changed! About time, right!?  We're working as diligently as possible, and trying to learn more and more about this web-design stuff.  We admit, there's more than we'll ever know, but we're working with what we can!

June 2nd, 2016


So it looks like we haven't updated our website in a little while (9 months is a little while, right?).  All of us here with The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters have been working our hardest at keeping the prairies' paranormal occurrences to a minimum, as well as making a few stops here and there!

Hopefully some of you were able to come out to Amazing Stories on 8th Street for Free Comic Book Day!  Dr. Burr and myself had a great chance to meet a few people and talk shop with comic fans waiting in line.  We also had Ecto-SGB out this year as Stay Puft was NOT co-operating and we had to give him a time-out in the containment unit.  He's since learned his lesson, and hoping to be allowed to help promote the new movie this summer!

Along with spending some time at Amazing Stories on FCBD, we also had the pleasure of making a visit to Saskatoon's Ronald McDonald's House the very same day!  The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters dropped off a hearty collection of comic books and graphic novels for RMH's Teen Room, as well as a monetary donation.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to our members and friends of members who passed on their comics so that we could pass them on to the next generation!  Thanks again everyone!


Well, at this point we'll tell everyone that we are hoping to help promote the new movie this summer!  We're not sure to what degree at this point in time, but even if we have to drive around in Ecto-SGB with flags, yelling at people to flock to the movie theater, we'll at least be doing something!  Ohh, and of course, we'll be assisting SaskExpo with Paranormal Security duties once again this year!  So we hope to see you all out there, ghost-free and happy! ;)

Until then, Stay Fit, Keep Sharp, Make Good Decisions, and KEEP BUSTIN'!

​The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters

Sept. 18th, 2015


The big event is a day away and the final packing and planning is underway!  A couple things that have come to light is that unfortunately, we will not be able to sell any concessions on the show floor (as per venue rules).  So no spooky, Ghostbuster treats!  We know, we know, we're upset about it too!  But, on the upside, we have a few other things to offer at our booth!  Not only do we have our regular Saskatchewan Ghostbusters Merch (buttons, stickers, temp. tattoos, magnets), but we also have a few Ghostbusters key chains and beverage holders!  As well, we'll also be having a raffle at our booth for a SaskGB gift pack (beverage holder, stickers, buttons, magnets, temp. tattoos,) and a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Halloween Alley (Proudly Canadian!)  Tickets will be $2.00, or $5.00 for three!  The draw will be on Sunday @ 4pm!  Winner needs to be in attendance to collect!

Make sure you come see us, get all your GB merch and take lots of pictures with Stay Puft, Vigo, and all us Busters!  Can't wait to see you all this weekend!!


Aug. 22nd, 2015

We are less than a month away from SaskExpo and things are picking up!  We have been asked to cover Paranormal Security for the two day event, and we are more than happy to oblige!  The Alberta Ghostbusters will also be helping out as we called in some extra heavy hitters due to the size of the event!  They've also allowed us to bring along some goodies to show to all the guests, so make sure you stop by and see our set up!  We'll have gizmos, gadgets, props, photo ops, Saskatchewan Ghostbusters merchandise, and even some tasty Ghostbuster treats!  Just remember; no pushing or shoving!  There'll be lots for everyone and we'll have a very special, very *BIG* bouncer with us to keep things in order!  ;^)

Check out our EVENTS page for details!

Hope we see you all there, and KEEP BUSTIN'!

Your friends,

The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters